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Big is beautiful – isn’t it? Upscaling of percid fish culture in Europe

20. Oktober 2015, Schadee Zaal, De Doelen Congress Centre, Rotterdam, Niederlande

Der vierte Zander- und Perciden-Workshop der EPFC wird Ihnen präsentiert in Zusammenarbeit mit KNAQ. Workshop-Sprache englisch.

Schadee Zaal, De Doelen Congress Centre, Rotterdam, Netherlands
FREE workshop participation for registered Aquaculture Europe conference delegates

Please register no later than 15th September by sending an email to

More info can be found on and

Preliminary speaker line-up:

  • Experiences with the production cycle of pikeperch in a RAS Gregor Schmidt, LFA-MV, Germany
  • German experiences with fattening of pikeperch on dry food basis in ponds and pond-in-pond systems Andreas Müller-Belecke, IfB, Germany
  • Reproduction of intensively reared and wild pikeperch breeders and performance of its offspring - preliminary data Uroš Ljubobratovi?, HAKI, Hungary
  • Combination of pond and intensive culture of broodstock and its management for effective larval production Tomáš Policar, FROV, Czech Republic

Further contributions are still welcome until 15th September.

Organized by the European Percid Fish Culture (EPFC) thematic group on the culture of pikeperch, perch and other species of the family percidae for human consumption, stocking and conservation.
The scope of the workshop is to bring together percid fish aquaculture insiders and experts from continental Europe and other regions and to provide a basis for exchange on industry and research relevant topics.

alle Termine