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Gesellschaft fuer Marine Aquakultur mbH

„Marine aquaculture“ describes the production of sea-organisms under controlled conditions. Primarily fish, crustaceans, and plants are produced for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and fodder industries in varied production systems. Since the summer semester of 2007, this area of study has been taught at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. Stagnating profits in the fishing industry and the increasing demands of a growing world population have resulted in a gap of seafood supply.  About half of which is already being filled by aquaculture.  Aquaculture is an internationally orientated market sector with increasing growth rates.

The objective of the GMA is to attend to and support the development of aquaculture, especially with respect to applied research in the field of marine aquaculture. This rsearch facility was build in 2009 and is equipped according to the latest scientific and technical specifications.