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Energy Efficiency at GMA

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) require a higher technical infrastructure than open systems. Especially water treatment, temperature control and oxygen supply are the major challenges.

The RAS in Büsum is in operation for R&D purposes since 2009. During operation, the significant energy consumption has become evident.

The objectives of this project are the analysis and the reduction of energy use in the main consumers which are

  • circulation pumps
  • facility ventilation
  • aeration of the biological nitrification stage

These technical installations presumably consume over 50% of the total electrical energy of the RAS.

To achieve a significant energy saving it is planned to install frequency converters (FC) for energy-efficient motor control and energy monitoring for verification.

Remark: The analysis and optimisation of the temperature control unit (which consumes approx. 20% of the total electrical energy) is very complex and would go far beyond the framework of this project. Therefore this part of energy optimisation had to be postponed to future work.