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Project "Ich liebe Fisch"


Diversified agriculture for a balanced nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa. A research project in Malawi with support from Germany in the context of research cooperation for global food security with the following topic:

"Improving Community Health-Nutrition Linkages through Solar Energy Based Fish and Crop Integrated Value Chains"

In summary, the approach of this project is to (a) enhance the production of endemic fish species by breeding and hybridization, (b) establish a specialized solar powered hatchery and optimize rearing protocols, in order to improve the sustainable supply of fingerlings for ongrowing farms, (c) use an IAA system approach to integrate nutrient fluxes between animal and crop production, (d) implement training courses for local communities and smallholder farmers, thus ensuring capacity development and (e) monitor the changes in health status and food habits of local families and especially children and elderly people after implementation of the IAA system to ensure a benefit for the whole community and (f) facilitate establishment of a community agriculture-nutrition-health linkage innovation platform and networking with relevant institutions to safeguard sustainability beyond the project life cycle.

Project coordination at GMA: Dr. Bernd Ueberschär

More information: Press release (in German) Website: