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Publikationen 2020

Seibel, H., Weirup, L., Schulz, C. (2020): Fish welfare – between regulations, scientific facts and human perception. Food Ethics, 5, 4.

Seibel, H., Rebl, A., Schulz, C. (2020): Feeding stress due to soy bean meal as a model for the development of molecular immune markers in rainbow trout. Fish & Shellfish Immunology, 91,456-456. DOI: 10.1016/j.fsi.2019.04.250

von Danwitz, A., Schulz, C. (2020): Effects of dietary rapeseed glucosinolates, sinapic acid and phytic acid on feed intake, growth performance and fish health in turbot (Psetta maxima L.). Aquaculture 516,

Nam-Koong, H., Schroeder, J.P., Petrick, G., Schulz, C. (2020): Preliminary test of ultrasonically disinfection efficacy towards selected aquaculture pathogens. Aquaculture 515.