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Research and Experimental Facilities

The GMA owns and operates 8 Recirculation Systems which are installed in two areas with approx. 500m² each.
Each system operates on its own with a water treatment and heating/cooling facility. Regulation of the facility is centerally operated using an innovative system of ground based probes. Compressed air is also supplied using a centralised system.


2 Recirculation Systems with 25m³each

  • modular organisation
  • flexible mechanic and biological treatment facilities
  • mechanic: microfilter, sedimentation, protein skimmer
  • biological: fluidized bed reactor, trickling filters, submerged filters
  • marine and fresh water
  • Temperature range 14°C - 28°C
  • Compressed Air or oxygen supply

12 small Recirculation Systems with volumes of 0.5 m³

  • Treatment facilites: protein skimmer, UV Light, bed reactors, ozone
  • marine, brackish and fresh water
  • Temperature range: 14°C - 28°C
  • Compressed Air, oxygen

6 Aquaria Systems with volumes between 1 - 20 m³

  • 12 - 60 Tanks (25 - 350 L)
  • Water Treatment: skimmer, moving bed, beadfilter, UV, ozone
  • sea, brackish and fresh water
  • water temperature between 14 - 28°C
  • compressed air, oxygen

Flow chamber respiration systems

  • 10 Tanks with 250 L each
  • Sea, brackish and fresh water
  • Flow rates between 150 - 300 L/h
  • Online Measurement: O2, CO2, TAN, pH, Temp.

Additional Systems

  • faeces collection unit
  • larvae rearing unit

The GMA offers external researchers the opportunity to rent recircullation systems, labs, offices etc. for their projects